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A Long Hiatus

It's been a while, and alot has happened, and I feel like a different person from the one that started this account, what? A year ago?


Something like that.


I am in the process of NaNoWriMo 2016, and am trying to get my life back on track after letting myself get derailed. Updating everything is a big first step, but one that I think will be helpful in the long-run!


I'm currently looking for ways to hold myself *really* accountable for my hobbies/projects/reviews. It's time that I start taking myself as seriously as I expect others to take me...


I started a Twitter account for my reviews, and another for my dog (really, he is that interesting!) and plan on creating a schedule for myself. Beyond that, I don't have a real plan, though...


Before December 1st, I plan to change that. Any help is welcome at this point!!



Wow... At least now I know. I've been looking all over the place as to why this site no longer exists after being away for a long hiatus.

"Everything changes," as a childhood song that came to mind says.

Leafmarks is officially shutting down July 1

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""You're mine. You can't let her win. She can't have you.""
Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews

Ahhh... Sometimes, possessive isn't bad. Sometimes, this is the most romantic thing you can say. Sometimes, these are the last words you'll ever say.

— feeling cold
"The night was freezing and I took Karmelion, my old, beat-up truck of a bile green color. It was missing the front light assembly and had more dents than a crushed Coke can, but it ran during magic waves and it would keep me warm. It also made enough noise to wake the dead, but I didn’t care. Being warm won."
Magic Bleeds -  Ilona Andrews


Yup. Being warm wins out almost every time.